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Niçin Sleeve etiket

Why to use sleeve label?

Sleeve labels will be your primary  contributor in your business life by increasing your sales. With their nice and gleamy colors, the labels will add to your products a special and spactacular look that will create a difference  between your products and the others. Your product will shine on great stores’ and supermarkets’ shelves. Thus, your competitiveness among your rivals will grow.
Here are some specifications of sleeve labels:


  • Wrap completely the bottle by an angle of 360 °
  • May be applied on every type of packaging material, such as glass, metal, plastic or board;
  •  Flashy looking, easily perceived;
  • Ornaments and special works such as reliefs, photos, metal printings may be easily applied on sleeve labels.
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How sleeve labels are inserted around the product?

While passing along the medium where heat is collected, sleeve labels take form of the container below by shrinking according to the letterings on them.

düşük Hızlı makine

 Low Speed Machine

This sleeve applicator is easily used for all types of bottles, including jars and cans. It can be easily integrated with your machine as a single applicator or we can provide a complete system.
The capacity is about 2000-3000 pieces/hour.

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orta hızlı makine-aplicator Medium Speed Machine

Shrink films (sleeves)  made of pof, ops, pe or pvc set as bobbins are cut in pieces at required dimensions and placed on bottles. While the bottles are passing  along the heat medium, sleeve labels
shrink and wrap around the bottle. It can be applied to all forms of glass, plastic, metal materials, be it oval or square.



yüksek hızlı makine

High Speed Machine

Facility to operate at high speeds. The same applicator machine can be used as security sleeve with a little modification. It does not take too much time to change bobbins and to pass from a box to another.

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sıcak hava tünelli hat   sıcak hava tünelli hat
Lıne Wıth Hot-Aır Tunnel  
sıcak hava tünelli hat
sıcak hava tünelli hat
Double-Sided Label machine


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